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Established in 1987 Johnson Yachts are celebrating thirty years of building high quality luxury motor yachts. Today our range of semi-custom vessels spans 70 to 125 feet. All share the same features in having outstanding internal volume, a striking exterior and excellent performance and handling.

Our company’s founder, John Huang, recognized from day one the importance of careful innovative design and quality workmanship; characteristics that are still at the forefront of the business today which remains a family enterprise.

Over 300 Johnson yachts have been built and our owners start benefitting from the moment they place their orders right through what we know will be a long and happy ownership. Our semi-custom build policy allows them considerable flexibility in their vessels internal layout and fittings and once delivered our exceptional global after sales service is always available.

Our business has grown and evolved over the last 30 years, and we felt it was time for a change. We have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic future. The new logo retains elements including the letter “J”, hull shape and winds. The hull shape identifies our core business and the wind indicates freedom, by combining both, we strive to continue delivering yachts that has no boundary in ocean exploration.


Choosing Johnson



Johnson Yachts are renowned throughout the yacht building industry for superior craftsmanship, innovative design and overall quality. We employ hundreds of talented craftsmen most of whom have at least 20 years yacht building experience. For us, the creation of a yacht is not merely a product, which also responds to, and extends, the dreams of her owners. Enchantingly, it is most personal acts of creativity an owner can undertake.


Design Team

Bill Dixon and his team at Dixon Yacht Design are, without doubt, one of the world’s most highly thought of and respected yacht design teams. They have designed every Johnson yacht built giving each one unique features which are created to not only enhance the pleasure of ownership but to provide a stable,  seaworthy vessel with excellent performance.



In addition to building our own range of motor yachts we provide high quality repair, refit and maintenance services for marine vessels of all types with our own master carpenters, electrical technicians, hardware installers and hull repair staff available on site at all times. Our 12,600 square meters state of the art facility can accommodate up to six 130 foot vessels at one time.

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Louis Pottor

強生御用首席設計師 / Johnson95設計師


Daniel Abba

首席設計師 / Johnson95設計師

Ezio de’ Feliszeen

首席設計師 / Johnson95設計師

創辦人黃振塊先生深知唯有將歐洲設計美學與東方造船工藝的互相結合,才能完美打造出內外兼具的夢想遊艇,強生遊艇初期即邀請英國知名Bill Dixon團隊參與設計開發,開創東南亞第一家聘請歐洲設計公司之先例,而高度受到國際關注的名家遊艇設計團隊Dixon,其專門設計120呎帆船與50呎以上量產型遊艇,Dixon團隊無論在船體外型或是船內佈置皆能與時俱進地掌握全球遊艇市場趨勢,賦予每一艘遊艇具備精緻又富有創意的設計元素,同時保留船東多樣化的選擇權利,其中強生遊艇最具代表性的87呎船型,獨特的直立式窗戶與主甲板式主臥之特色,一推出即深受市場青睞,並成為強生遊艇的專屬標記。


強生遊艇全系列船體結構強度皆符合DNV之標準,不僅提供多樣化的室內裝設,同時更結合奢華與傑出設計而備受青睞,以87呎為例,我們將巨型遊艇(SUPER YACHTS)上外觀特色複印在87呎上,讓87呎擁有百呎遊艇特色,室內部分上透過周密的做工考究,讓每一寸空間都有著最完善的使用價值。